"See How This Very Different Self Care Approach Is
Reviving Mothers everywhere

What if the secret to self-care isn't bubble baths and manicures? 

As working moms we know we need to take care of ourselves but there is just one problem... 

Who has the time?!?!?!

 When people talk about taking a bath to relax, I laugh and think "who's gonna clean the tub?"

Self-care for moms is different. It's also the most important. When we don't revive ourselves, we end up irritable, angry, unable to make good decisions and exhausted. 

What's worse is that we start to dislike ourselves. 

The last I checked it's impossible to be a good mom, partner, worker and woman if you are always exhausted. 

Does this sound familiar?

  •  After the kids go to bed you hurry to clean up and then pass out
  • You wake in the middle of night worried about your to-do list
  • You want to play with your kids but you're just too tired to enjoy them 
  • ​You are irritable, cranky or angry more often than you should be
  • ​You are constantly exhausted

Stress No More, I've Got You

I know bubble baths are not the answer to your stress and exhaustion. You need a self-care routine that fits into the time you have and works for you, on your terms. 
That's why I created the 10 Minute Reboot. This workbook gives you a step by step plan to create a self -care routine that fits into your busy

For Just $7 You Get All Of This With The 10 Minute Reboot Workbook

  •  A self-care calendar to keep you on track
  •  Guide to creating a gratitude practice that bring you joy
  •  Breathing exercises to help you destress in as little as 60 seconds 
  • ​Step by step instruction to create a self-care kit 
  • ​Personalized plan to design your own relax zone

Why You Should Trust Me

Hi! I'm Whitnee 

Just like you, I am a woman with many roles; I’m an entrepreneur and a career woman, a mom and a leader in the corporate world. I love to travel, make cocktails, hike, watch movies, and create.
I absolutely love this full life of mine, but it hasn’t always been that way; my life once felt like an endless treadmill of to-dos, leading to burnout and resentment. I’d commit to everyone, then let everyone down (including myself).
I knew my situation was not sustainable, so I set out to create better days for myself. In doing so, I discovered systems and techniques that every working mom can use to design the vibrant life she wants and deserves.

Here's How I Know This Works

  •  I don’t just teach this stuff, I actually do it. This is the morning routine I use to ensure I get the most out of my work and home life.
  • ​I've personally coached mothers from all over the country and helped them to go from surviving to thriving.   
  • ​I’m not just a coach, I’m also a real life working mom and understand what it’s like to want to be an amazing mother, excel at work, be an awesome wife and still have time to pursue your other passions. 
  • ​I’ve tested so many different self-care routines and I know this one can help you to have more great days despite all of the demands on your time and energy, not only because they work in my life but because it has also worked for other mamas.  
  • ​I’m a GOOD human. I’m a mama, wife, daughter, sister and friend who developed this program, while working full-time because I believe working mothers are the backbone of society; we are contributing to the economy and raising the next generation. When we succeed, our nation gets better. I’ve found the secret sauce that lets me love life and I want you to find the same.
"I signed up for this as a last ditch effort to gain some sanity. I can't believe it worked so well. I'm actually having better days despite the ongoing chaos" - Lisa C.
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